Air Enterprises is the world’s leading manufacturer of high-quality, custom, all-aluminum air handling units. Our FactoryBilt® air handling units are custom engineered and designed to last decades longer than typical steel units.

4 Benefits of All-Aluminum, Air Handling Unit Construction

  1. Increased Equipment Life – Eliminates the need for you to replace air handling units due to rust propagation or deterioration.
  2. Reduced Unit Maintenance Costs – Eliminates periodic maintenance for sealing and repainting your air handling unit.
  3. Increased Equipment Up-Time – Reduces scheduled downtime and maximizes operational up-time by minimizing maintenance requirements of your air handling unit.
  4. Reduced unit weight – Reduces building design structural requirements and cost of rigging during field installation, as aluminum air handling units typically weigh 30 to 40 percent less than conventional steel custom air handling units.

You’ll also benefit from the following design features:

  • Superior panel system
    Revised Casing Montage

    • 2.5″ structural unit casing with double wall
    • Skins hermetically sealed to structural panel frames
    • Totally encapsulated insulating material
    • Impenetrable panel casing

  • Zero penetration base
    Revised Base Montage

          • All aluminum
          • Fully welded
          • Fully insulated
          • Continuous vapor barrier protection

  • Tight-sealing access doors
    Revised Door Montage

      • Thermal break design
      • Two continuous gasket seals
      • Beveled for a true perpendicular, tight compression fit
      • Continuous piano hinges
      • Cast aluminum door handles

  • Easy-to-remove service panels
    Revised Service Panels Montage

    • Two continuous gasket seals
    • Quick-release latches for each removable panel
    • Allows for easy removal of components without disturbing entire panel system

FactoryBilt® air handling units are factory and field tested to ensure leakage rates are less than 0.5 percent.

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